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2001 - an EDA Odyssey

to Phoenicia New York Earth Milky Way Alpha Quadrant

Event dates 07.20.2001 to 07.22.2001

Most recent modification performed: 07.13.2001 21:45:26



This page is dedicated to the memory of Mykle David Marriete, a two-time Bearsville attendee and longtime EDA who passed away a few weeks after last years' gathering. You can view two pages in his memory by clicking on the planet Saturn at the top of this page.

Please note - as far as I am concerned, there is not too much info here that anyone needs that they don't already know, including new attendees. It's just the basics. While I had intended to have updates as they come in, AND better directions on the coordinates/direction page for new attendees, a sudden situation has arisen that will take me out of town for a week or more. So I doubt I'll have any new updates. As for directions for new folk, just get to Phoenicia New York, and you cannot miss the Sleepy Hollow Campsites which are about 1.3 miles southeast of the actual village of Phoenicia. If you arrive after dark, heading northwest on Route 28, once you see a green road sign that says "Woodstock 13, Phoenicia 3". Also, the planets at the top are links to various places on this web site, you can also see the respective places and links below in "Mission Parameters"


Mission Parameters:  

  • Scheduled participants / landing party  [ Mars ]

  • Coordinates / course direction  [ Venus ]

  • Gear / what to bring / news  [ Mercury ]

  • Hitchhikers ride through the galaxy  [ Uranus ]

  • Forbidden  [ Jupiter ]



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