This Is Lame Alert!!This Is Lame Alert!!This Is Lame Alert!!This Is Lame Alert!!

On the glorius starlit night of July 18 1998, deep, deep in the rural Catskill Mountains of New York State, a bunch of fully fed and sloshed EDAs humored Mamma Llamma Queen Amy and partook in her hairbrained scheme of the First Annual (she wishes!!) EDA/Bearsville/Steve's Campsite/Near That Campfire Over There Madlibs!!

What Amy had done in the days preceding her weekend-release from Bellvue Hospital, was she had written a little short-story called "Conversations Around A Campfire" which was a fictional account of a conversation & happenings Amy had daydreamt about occurring at Bearsville '98 (of course, assuming she'd be let out by her doctors to join the merriment.)

Well, her team of 17 doctors got a hold of the story, which Amy had intended to type up and email to all of her friends in the outside world, but they were abhorred and aghast when they saw all the expletives in the orange crayon-written story. So, after an emergency doctors' conference in Tangiers, they edited the expletives out leaving this:

Well, when Amy arrived at Steve's Campsite for Bearsville '98 (with two nurses aides and a circus clown at her side....Amy LOVES clowns), she had three of the edited copies of the story dangling out of her shirts' elbow pockets. These copies were swiftly absconded by nefarian EDAs, who then were obviously befuddled by the blank spots in the story.

So, armed with writing implements & Fat-Free Pringles (tm), the three nefarian EDAs went around asking fellow EDAs (who were recovering from playing Lazer Kick-The-Can) to help fill in the blanks, but only asking for nouns, names, animals, adjectives, verbs etc, without revealing to the EDA-folk submitting the words as to what they were being used for. (i.e. "Hey Tammy, gimme an adjective, will ya?....thanx Love....and oh, is anyone eating that hotdog?....thanx")

Then, at the annual Mid-July Saturday Night EDA Campfire & Smores Cookout, the resultant completed EDA Madlibs were unveiled & read aloud for all attending to either laugh, moan, groan or simply walk away from. (you can now thank your luck stars there were only 3! :-)

Special thanx to William "Isn't that called blinking?" Bartholomew for typing up these madlibs and sending them on in. Atta boy Billy Bart!!!

Without further adeiu, here they is (filled in/submitted words are underlined):

EDA Madlibs #1 - (Good luck. Hope ya can get thru this)

EDA Madlibs #2 - (Hang in there, just two to go)

EDA Madlibs #3 - (It's almost over!! It's almost over!! :-)