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Jewel Mailing List Acronyms

ANWA ~ a night without armor, Jewel's poetry book published in May 1998

CDTD  ~ Chasing Down The Dawn, Jewel's 2nd book, released October 3rd, 2000

DSL ~ Down So Long

EDA or EDAs ~ EveryDay Angels: It's what we call ourselves on this list. I've been led to believe that Jewel herself dubbed the list members with this name. It WAS Jewel's mother Lenedra who first used the acronym EDA when referring to the "EveryDay Angels"

FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions. A compilation of frequently asked questions, along with frequently written answers! :)

FCS ~ Fritz Creek Store, the original title of what was to be Jewel's 2nd CD release (recorded in Bearsville NY in June/July 1996. This material has since been scrapped in favor of the Spirit CD)

FG ~ Foolish Games

HGH ~ Higher Ground For Humanity....the organization formed by Jewel and her mother Lenedra to aid organizations that help others.

JS ~ JewelStock....were two private concerts that Jewel gave for the members of this list on July 18 & 19th in 1996. There be some JewelStock info here.

JRTP ~ Jewel Rocks The Paradise....a cassette tape that was treed (circulated) on this list in the spring of 1997. It's a tape of a concert by Jewel at the Paradise Theatre in Boston on May 18, 1996. (for more info on "tape trees", see the link for the tape tree page back on the main page of this website)

NJC ~ Non Jewel Content: Posts to the list that have no content what so ever that pertains to Jewel (the use of this acronym is explained on the main page)

PB or PBFGAB ~ Phyllis Barnaby or Phyllis Barnaby Finally Gets A Bra, a hard to find Jewel collectable. It's a 4 track promo CD (PRCD 6416) under the title of You Were Meant For Me put out by Atlantic Records in November of 1995. Want more info? Well, ya got it right here.

PoY or POY ~ refers to Jewel's first CD, "Pieces Of You"

RA ~ Radio Angels 96 or Rare Angels...the names given to two of the Jewel concert tapes that were treed (circulated) on this list. (for more info on "tape trees", see the link for the tape tree page back on the main page of this website)

RWTD ~ Ride With The Devil. Jewel first film, released in the fall of 1999. Now available for rental on VHS and purchase or rental on DVD. 

STL ~ Save The Linoleum, a hard to find Jewel collectable. It's a 7 track promo CD (PRCD 5999-2) put out by Atlantic Records in February of 1995. Want more info? Well, ya got it right here.

WWSYS ~ Who Will Save Your Soul

YWMFM You Were Meant For Me

Other Obscure Acronyms usually are song/album titles too, common ones include:

  • AOF ~ (The) Absence Of Fear
  • CB or CBR ~ Chime Bells or Chime Bells Ring (the song she yodels in)
  • DSL - Down So Long
  • DW ~ Deep Water
  • DY ~ Do You
  • FB ~ Fat  Boy
  • IM ~ Innocence Maintained (may also mean Instant Message)
  • LMJLMA ~ Love Me Just Leave Me Alone
  • LU ~  Life Uncommon
  • MOPGGTW ~ My Own Private God's Gift To Women
  • NL ~ Nicotine Love
  • RTR ~ Run Tonto Run
  • SEFTE or EFTE ~ Stranger (Enter From The East)
  • SIBTW ~ Sometimes It Be That Way
  • TLB ~ This Little Bird
  • WSIT ~ What's Simple Is True


Other Common Acronymns

(used alot in chat environments also)

AFK ~ Away From Keyboard

BAK ~ Back At Keyboard

BAS ~ Business As Usual

BBL ~ Be Back Later

BRB ~ Be Right Back

BTW ~ By The Way

CUL8TR ~ See You Later

FUBAR ~ F'd Up Beyond All Recognition

GD&R ~ Grinning, Ducking & Running (after unpopular remark)

GMTA ~ Great Minds Think Alike

IMO ~ In My Opinion

IMHO ~ In My Humble Opinion

ITA ~ I Totally Agree

LOL ~ Laughing Out Loud

LMAO ~ Laughing My Ass Off

OTF ~ On The Floor (laughing)

OTFL ~ On The Floor Laughing

PITA ~ Pain In The Ass

ROFL ~ Rolling On Floor Laughing (there are countless variations on this one)

ROTFL ~ Rolling On The Floor Laughing

ROF(T)LMAO ~ Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing My Ass Off

ROF(T)LWTIME ~ Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing With Tears In My Eyes

RITCL ~ Rolling In The Chair Laughing (for the literal minded)

TTFN ~ Ta-Ta For Now

TTYL ~ Talk To You Later

WB ~ Welcome Back

WTG ~ Way To Go

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