Jewel's 2000 Christmas Message To Her Fans

December 24th, 2000


Happy Holidays! I'm glad to report I am finally adjusting to a warm and sunny Christmas. In fact, I downright love it. I just returned from Germany, Bosnia and Kosovo where I managed to get my fill of the icy blustery winter thing.

Yes, I did just casually mention Kosovo and Bosnia. Pretty cool, huh? I was entertaining the troops for the holidays for the USO. I flew from D.C. in an E-4 (an E-4 is a HUGE military aircraft which is the flying headquarters in case of war with several sports figures and entertainers and Medal of Honor Recipients. John Glenn, Carole King, Terry Bradshaw and Michael Singletary just to name a few.

We each did a short bit. Oh yeah, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were there too, in short shorts galore! It was great, though it probably just tortured the poor soldiers as much as it entertained them. The show lasted about 2 hours. We even did a show on a naval aircraft carrier. We were flown in a C-17 from Munich to Naples, then helicoptered out to the carrier. It was amazing. And as you can imagine, it was rewarding to sing for the troops. Nothing like a starved and captive audience in remote regions! Talk about appreciative. It was very fun and fulfilling. The troops really serve out of a genuine sense of honor and duty that is easy to lose touch with in our daily lives. It was very touching. And they are so young.

It is heartening to see how many ways there are to serve our lives, world, country and humanity. Often I think of how proud I am of all of you for giving thought to the philosophy of giving throughout the year, and not just once around the holidays. But how great it is at the holidays! I hope yours are merry and bright.




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