You Were Meant For Me

(aka Phyllis Barnabee Finally Gets A Bra)

(promo PRCD 6416-2)...........Total length: 9:13

You Were Meant For Me is a promotional release produced by Atlantic Records with an alternate version of You Were Meant For Me and three previously unreleased songs (Since included on the double vinyl release of Pieces of You). Among collectors, it is more commonly known as "Phyllis Barnaby", or "Phyllis Barnaby Finally Gets A Bra" or "PBFGAB". It's extremely hard to find now-a-days and I myself consider it a harder find than "Save The Linoleum".

  1. You Were Meant For Me 3:13
  2. Cold Song 1:03
  3. Rocker Girl 1:44
  4. Emily 3:09

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