Save The Linoleum

Promo PRCD 5999-2...........Total length: 23:23

Save The Linoleum is an Atlantic Records 7 track promotional release with live recordings and demos. It's an extremely rare find now-a-days, but BEWARE. There are many fakes being sold out there. They are easy to spot, as the artwork is easily seen as being re-produced (the original is sleek and slick) and many of the fakes have more than the seven tracks on them.

  1. God's Gift To Women (studio recording) 3:51
  2. Intro/Dialog 0:57
  3. I'm Sensitive (live recording) 3:06
  4. Who Will Save Your Soul (from the Pieces Of You CD) 4:03
  5. Race Car Driver (studio recording) 4:53
  6. Flower (live recording) 3:36
  7. I'm Sensitive (from the Pieces Of You CD) 2:54

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