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last updated on July 16th, 2000

NEWS FLASH: This years' event will NOT be at the usual place, that being Steve's Campsite. It has closed up shop. Info pertaining to the NEW site will be posted here and on the mailing list as soon as it is available (Phoenicia Campgrounds). Updates to the news blurbs below relating to this new site are in bold blue type. 

Tammy's Latest News for BV2000

Written by Tammy "EDA Mommy" Campbell

Hey fellow EDA campers,

The time is drawing near for Bearsville 2000.  And, we are very fortunate that nearly 40 happy EDA campers plan to attend -- give me a DOUBLE WOOHOO!!.  But now is the time when everybody starts asking, "What should I bring?"  More than anything, bring yourself!  We take care of each other, so don't worry! Nobody starves, gets stranded behind, or does without when EDA's are around.

However, if you want to be prepared, here are some helpful reminders.  First, camping at these events lives the theme "What's yours is mine, what's mine is yours," so be willing to share what you got and always try to bring a little extra if you can, but of course, respect the belongings of others (like I need to point that out to EDA's :-).

The following list will serve as a  MAJOR reminder for all those who might forget the little things to bring.

  1. Cash is king -- First, you'll need $5 to $8.75  per night that you plan on staying at the site, and you'll probably need to buy some food/drinks/etc. when you get there or, better yet, bring some food and drink with you!!!.  Plan on extra $$$ if you plan on any extracurricular activities or shopping in Woodstock. Also, there will probably be the annual good-bye breakfast at Diner Diner Diner =)
  2. Shower Facilities - coin operated showers are available, quite near the tent campsites. 
  3. Toilet Paper -- There are toilet facilities at the new site, but it likely does not supply toilet paper (we are checking in to it).  Paper has always been in demand the past few years.
  4. Flashlight w/extra batteries -- There might not be lights at the new camp site except what you bring, so plan on having something to light your way. 
  5. Your pre-made tape for the 4th annual EDA Share-the-music tape grab bag. Just put on artists that you love, especially up and coming acts.
  6. A jug or bottles of water -- Water was another "in-demand" item.
  7. Snack food -- Most meals are hot dogs, hamburgers and such, which we can always buy when we get up there.  But snack food is something you can buy cheaper at home and bring your favorite.  Plus, everyone gets hungry at different times and lots of snack food keeps everyone happy until meal time.
  8. Folding chairs -- Or plan on sitting on the ground -- a lot
  9. Sleeping bag, blanket, a warm throw, or something, just anything to keep warm.  If the past three years tell us anything, it is that the Catskills get down right cold at night, even in late July.  Plan on weather in the 40-50 degree range at night, I'll try to remember to let you all know the weekend forecast for the area the Wednesday before the event.
  10. A towel, soap, etc. if you plan on showering. Also, toothpaste and other toiletries you just can't (or don't want to) live without.

For the extra prepared:

Other notes:

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me.  Rob, the kids and I are heading up Thursday morning so don't expect return e-mails after that time.

See ya there!!!!

Tammy :-)

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