The Bearsville 2000 Annual EDA Survivor...errr...Gathering

near historic

(event formerly known as the theReunion)

BV2000 NEWS FLASH! The event is NOT going to be at Steve's Campsite this year....see the "News Flash" below!

Disclaimer #1: As usual, Jewel will NOT be at this event.

Disclaimer #2: As usual, Dennis Harris WILL be at this event. (although THIS year, every third day you will get a chance to vote him off the island ;-)

EDA fun scheduled for Friday July 21st thru Sunday July 23rd

If you can give a ride to EDAs who really, really don't wanna walk to Bearsville, please visit the "Angel Needs A Ride" page (link below) to offer your services!!! :-)

NEWS FLASH: Apparently Steve's Campsite has gone to that big burned out campfire in the sky. We JUST found out about this on Wednesday June 28th, but already have 2 potential new sites dart-boarded, both very close to Steve's. I checked out both sites recently to make sure they can handle our emmigrating insane asylum. Tammy then posted asking for votes. As soon as the vote is finalized details on the new site will be here and posted to the EDA list.  - Mike 

Last updated on June 06, 2001

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The Latest News & What To Bring updated July 16th

Who Is Coming updated on July 21st

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OK, What bands have you got lined up and how much are the tickets?

No no no....this ain't that kinda Woodstock event. This is just a little ol' EDA gathering that was born in 1997 and has developed into an annual event to enable the subscribers of our Jewel fandom community to get together and hang out for a peaceful fun weekend in the lovely Catskill Mountains of New York State.

Basically, it's as simple as this. Many folks believe the Jewel list was really "spiritually" born when Hiranya first announced JewelStock in early June 1996. (Hiranya was then the lists' main contact with Jewel and her management, as she worked for Jewel in the office)

The JewelStock event itself was quite special, and many friendships were formed during those three days in Woodstock/Bearsville in July 1996. Since then many "EDA gatherings" have happened, arguably due to JewelStock, with most of them occurring without Jewel anywhere near the place (i.e. EDA gatherings generally are not featured around a concert of Jewel's, although some are).

Three years ago, as the first anniversary of JewelStock rolled around, the idea for a major reunion/campout/EDA gathering in the Woodstock/Bearsville area surfaced, thus Bearsville 97 was born. The next summer we had Bearsville 98. After much intense brainstorming via conference calls, we decided to name last years' event Bearsville 99. Sticking with tradition. while adding two digits, this years will be known as Bearsville 2000.

BV 97, BV 98 and BV99 were rousing successes, as over 40 people attended at various times of the events, and last year it was even more as members of Jewel's management team, including Jewel's brother attended since there was an HGH Workshop at the Bearsville Theatre, the same place JewelStock was held. These times musical entertainment was not part of the events, and it wasn't needed, as list members pretty much hung out and had fun, took in the Catskill Mountains, went to Woodstock to be hippies for a day, partook in whatever asylum-induced fun our lunatic Entertainment Director (Dennis Harris) surprised us with (you can BET this years' lunacy will likely again revolve around plywood bovine :-)

Previous years' EDAntertainment included.....

and pretty much having a good ol' nature filled weekend.

Sooooooooooo, this year we plan on doing it all again,  and you won't have to eat any squirmin' larva in order to survive/stick around ;-)


OK!! I wanna go! I wanna go! Who do I write? Do I need 60's clothing & love beads and tie-dyed tees and tunes by Mott The Hoople, Cream, Jimi, Janis and Jefferson Airplane and far out groovy kinda things like that?

For camping and general Bearsville 2000 information contact Tammy "the EDA Mommy" at That's if you can't read the colored  link.

For carpooling info, contact.......POSITION TO BE FILLED AT A LATER DATE!

For 60's clothing & love beads & far out groovy things like that, bring $$. Woodstock is chock full of shops that have this stuff. You can bring any tunes you want, but tradeable angelfood is always a must at EDA gatherings :)

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| The Latest News & What To Bring | | The Main Page |

| Directions, Maps, Cyber-Trip Planners, Camping and Lodging |

| Who Is Coming? | | Angel Needs A Ride (carpooling) |

| If Ya Wanna Go & Pay Hommage At The Site Of JewelStock, Find This Place |


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Jewel at the WDST Backyard Barbeque, July 16th, 1996 - Woodstock NY

This was two days before JewelStock....just some meaningless trivia for you